Welcome to the Future of EMR

Alleva uses the most advanced and up-to-date technology available on the market. We are fully HIPAA-compliant and have built bank level security right into your system.

Constantly Improving

We are invested in what your business needs most.  We are constantly enhancing Alleva EMR with updates and improvements.

Highly Customizable

Alleva is designed to work the way you need it to.  We give you the tools to customize almost every process, from forms to alerts to medication management.

Cloud Based

Since we are cloud-based, we go where you go. Rest assured that your favorite device is compatible with Alleva.

Girl in need of an addiction recovery EMR system to help with her addiction

Intake Made Simple
Intake has never been more streamlined than with Alleva’s user-friendly tool. If you need to pause an intake for any reason, no problem. Your info will store as you left it until you come back.

Integrated Labs
Receive lab results electronically. No need to open PDFs to check results.  Our system will flag positive test results, and we are HL-7 compliant so all data is safe and secure.

Quickly tag notes and evaluations in patients’ records with just a click of a button. Click to learn more…

Client using our addiction recovery software services

We not only let you write, pull, and run helpful reports, our metrics feature will provide analysis on what’s working well for your business.

Bed Management
Easily determine open and occupied beds with this feature that also reminds you about upcoming vacancies so you can plan ahead. With Alleva, you’ll never leave a bed open longer than necessary.

Cloud Based
Have a Mac? Smartphone? Tablet? If you can access the internet, you can access Alleva. We work on all your favorite devices.

What They’re Saying

People are talking about Alleva.
Have a look at the reviews from some of our happy customers.

Design Quality

“I feel like I have entered the 21st century for the first time in my professional career.”

Feature Availability

“There are so many great features I didn’t even know I was missing until I had them.  Now I wouldn’t know what to do without them.”


“It’s just so fast! And I don’t feel like I am looking at Windows 98. When I go from my Mac to open the system, the page looks similar, simple…”

Customer Support

“Hands down, the best support team I have ever worked with. I know their names and have a relationship with them. And most of all they call me out of the blue just to check in.”


“We have a very specific way of running our business and Alleva allows us to do just that.  To run our business our way, but better…”


“My trainer was great! She worked so closely with me through the onboard and was our main point of contact through the whole process.”

Coded For Speed

Alleva was built to work on any device, and to be lightning quick.  Whether you are at home, in your car, or your office, our tools run quickly and efficiently.

Mobile Optimized

You will not lose any functionality moving between our system on your computer to your phone. You won’t miss a beat when you are on the go.

Powerful Alerts

Stay connected to your patients with proactive alerting to keep you in the know about what is going on with your business as well as important tasks that require immediate attention.


Our mobile tools are customized to your role in your organization.  Manage your interaction preferences in your Alleva profile settings.

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