Technology that puts Recovery in the Palm of Your Hand

Addicts were once thought of as being, in the words of Red Hot Chili Peppers’ lead vocalist Anthony Kiedis, “Under the Bridge.” However, the recent opioid epidemic and the search for recovery has changed all of that.

Jamison Monroe Jr., founder of the Newport Academy rehab center, said that the recent epidemic has changed this stereotype.  She asserted that addiction no longer “discriminate[s] based on demographics, […]income brackets or zip code[s].”

To help combat this new epidemic, some people have turned to technology— specifically the kind that you hold in your hand. Recovering addict Sam Frons, creator of Addicaid, believes the support system of her app may be a game changer. Addicaid puts individuals into groups based on their shared tendencies, rather than their addictions. It also creates a personalized recovery program formulated by the information users give during their initial intake, accounting for their personality and triggers.

The app combines machine learning, adaptive artificial intelligence, and clinical research to predict situations where users might be at risk of relapse, and then it intervenes. The support system enables users with shared tendencies to reach out during those “trigger moments.”