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U.S. Surgeon General Report On Addiction Epidemic

On Thursday Novemeber 17th the U.S. surgeon general Dr. Vivek Murthy released a 426-page report titeled “Facing Addiction insgr-hero America”- – This is the first report of its kind from someone in Murthy’s position on addiction in America.

“For far too long, too many in our country have viewed addiction as a moral failing,” Murthy stated. “It is a chronic illness that we must approach with the same skill and compassion with which we approach heart disease, diabetes and cancer.”

Alleva and addiction treatment centers are trying to do just that. Obamacare took a step in the right direction with the new parity laws that require insurance to treat mental illness the same as physical illness.  The hope is that this report will bring greater awareness to the growing epidemic and help to heal individual and family lives.