Who Suffers From PTSD?

Often when we think of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, the first image that comes to mind is a veteran haunted by nightmares of painful memories that he or she experienced in their service on the battlefield. This image is not mistaken: many veterans suffer from the effects of PTSD after their return to normal life.

However, PTSD is not a veteran-exclusive ailment. It is a psychiatric disorder that can occur after any traumatic experience. War is obviously filled with a lot of trauma; hence many who experienced the horrors of war will experience the effects of PTSD. However, it can also follow other painful experiences like natural disasters, serious accidents, sexual or physical assault, severe illness, or even witnessing another person experience these traumatic situations.

Everybody will experience something painful in their life, however the majority of people will recover and be able to move on within a few weeks or months following the episode. Unfortunately, many will develop PTSD and will subsequently be harrowed by the memory of this painful experience.

Just like any other disease, physical or mental in nature, the effects of PTSD are very real and painful. Whether experienced because of a traumatic experience in war, or in civilian life, its effects truly hinder the individual’s ability to function. However, just like any other disease, there are professionals who know of remedies and cures to tame and eventually conquer its effects.